Cinema 4D

Today in Echo’s session we spent some time learning how to use the Cinema 4D software. We animated some text via the use of various different tools within the software. Sadly because this is the first time I had used this software I acidentally lost my project. Although this happened I still got an understanding of the software and some of its many tools.

Many different effects can be added into Cinema 4D. I have placed a screenshot of some of the effects I used attempting to create another project.

Some of these include…

Text. The ability to include writing within the project.

Lighting. In Cinema 4D there are many different types of lighting effects. Sun light, Spot light etc.

Floor. Flooring is used to create a ground dimension to the project. This also includes changable physics. An example of this could be dropping an item from the top of the screen and said object will bounce  and fall in a relatively realistic fashion.



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