Research into the late career films of David Lynch

For my Introductory Skills film project I took influence from the three movies in Lynch’s filmography. Lost Highway, Mulholland Dr and Inland Empire.

All of these films have interpretable narratives involving various areas of psychology, an example of this could be one interpretation of Mulholland Dr using dream analysis. This states that in the film the leading character Diane, sub-consciously invents herself as another person as if casting herself in her own idealistic version of a 1950s Hollywood film.

In my project I took inspirations from these films to add a interpretable psychological element into the plot through a characters dreams. Although I chose more personal theories such as wish fulfilment. Having these themes in the short film in my opinion adds another layer to what is already there visually but is there by the choice of the viewer, one could chose to ignore these aspects of the film and enjoy the film on its own.

Although I may not use these influences in my other projects or future films I believe this research will be useful in my upcoming film efforts because it has taught me more about complex narratives and adding multiple layers to a plot.

1. WYMAN, B., GARRONE, M. AND KLEIN, A.Everything you were afraid to ask about “Mulholland Drive”(Wyman, Garrone and Klein, 2001, Wyman, B., Garrone, M. and Klein, A. (2001). Everything you were afraid to ask about “Mulholland Drive”. [online] Salon. Available at: [Accessed 4 Jan. 2017].


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