Introductory Skills Analysis/Reflection

On the thirteenth of February I received my grades for the Introductory Skills unit that I had started in September.

Broken down into three sections. Developmental Workbook, Practical Outcomes and Critical Evaluation. I received the percentages 62, 59 and 65 respectively, with an average mark of 61%.

As an observation of my own work it would appear that my strengths still lie with the written and theory based side of film and photography, the evaluation, which was given the highest mark overall is described on the grading sheet as being discussed ‘thoroughly’ and ‘thoughtfully’. Although my practical mark isn’t far below these writing based sections it has often been my opinion that I am stronger in theory than practice.

My workbook which garnered the second highest mark averages was also a success in most   respects. Once again I believe the theory side of the book came up the best with areas such as Research, influence points and analysis of the film being well developed and more engaged. I think certain areas could have been improved upon more so such as the documentation of the image and film editing processes, these could of had more specific detail. The workbook would also have been improved by having more examples of skills that I had learned and put into practice.

The practicals which received the lowest marks overall were overall fairly strong. The film was my own take on several influences such as The Seventh Seal and Lynchian styles. Although the film was overall an interesting idea and sucsessed in many ways I wanted it too. e.g. style, use of symbolism. It was also too slow at times and dragged on a little too much.

The image based outcome was the most mediocre area of the Introductory Skills unit, although the photographs were fine and some presented some lovely landscapes and things of interest local to me, I feel that some lacked character because of the style and tone that I choose to shoot with, with similar techniques and settings used for all the images it simply didn’t work for all the chosen subjects.

In conclusion I believe this to have been a relatively successful unit for me and am happy with the score I received overall. If the unit is anything to go on it continues to assure of my strength in theory over practice.


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