Exeter Trip – Group Work

In this post I will be mentioning an example of co-oprative work on the course this year. In an ironic turn, the only actual project that I have worked on this year involving group work was the Exeter trip in September. This is because I primarily take preference to working on my own, to envision projects and like to bring in my own people who I know personally.

Between myself (and at the time) four others, we were tasked to make a short film with the subject revolving around a chase. To do so we took a camera and tripod and shot by the waterfront, town centre and St. Thomas train station. As a group we took turns to man the camera and act in the film. We also shared are concept ideas between us and as a whole came to a decision on what we put to film.

After this we then returned to the university the next day to edit individually a sequence based on the footage taken, they were all vastly different. I stylised mine after the Carol Reed film The Third Man, by converting the footage to black and white, using fast cuts and pro-longing certain pieces for atmosphere.


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