Documentary Module Analysis/Reflection

Finishing at the end of March, the documentary module has been one of the most challanging tasks of the degree thus far.

Continuing on with the theme of dream psychology that I undertook in my Introductory Skills unit, I decided to make a documentary based on the influence that dreams can have on creative practice.

Although I believe this project to have been a success in many ways, mostly in the theoretical sense. I believe it to have fallen short in the practical element of the module. Beginning with the positives I will be discussing my Documentary project, The Dreamer.

In positive the concept itself was interesting and unique, a topic that very few other people had touched upon, notable or not. The research and concept backing that found to justify the purpose behind the documentary was also interesting, with influences from the likes of Salvador Dali and Godfrey Reggio.

Negative aspects of the documentary mostly came from the film itself. A lot of the production had to be rushed to meet deadlines. Although many scenes, especially ones involving landscapes and re-cretions came out well. The short itself lacked a wide variety of subjects to speak about how they felt dreams affected their creative practices. To be able to reach the deadline on time, I placed a heavier emphasis on one of the interviewees and his position as a documentary filmmaker himself, placing re-enactment footage in-between to add an off-kilter pacing.

Overall this was a successful project, no quite so much so as the previous Introductory Skills but as it was my first time working in the field of documentary filmmaking, I believe I made a good attempt, the concept was excellent in practice but slightly wanting in execution.



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