Reflection on Visual Culture Presentation

In mid March I was asked to ‘lead a seminar’ by Tony for the Visual Culture module. This has sharply divided my personal opinion on my own work. Mostly due to my struggles in presenting work, this has been one of biggest obstacles of my year thus far.

My chosen topic for the presentation was postmodernism in film, a complex and wildly variable choice. I believe that this idea was again a very individualistic one, the subject matter was also an engaging choice of topic, very few people without an interest in ironically modern philosophy would be aware of the subject. The presentation had a genuine opportunity to be informative.

Although the subject matter was good and I believe the research and background that made the foundation of my presentation was in good form, my nerves and anxious nature let down the experience. My inability to communicate in a clear way to the audience caused information that was already quite complicated and interpretable to be become convoluted.

Overall to improve upon this I need to focus more on my public speaking skills, although this is not quite as easily improved upon as other areas.


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